November 07, 2003
Code Kata

Steve's just about getting to the end of Head First Java now. (Which, BTW, he recommends.) He's going to work through Thinking In Java next, which I recommend.

But I've also advised him not to stick too closely to book learning. The best thing to do, I find, is dive off onto real coding whenever you have an idea for something to write. Do as much as you can, then and when you get stuck, go back to the books until you have another brain wave.

Robocode is great for this, if you are learning Java. You can write a simple robot very quickly, but the sky's the limit - as you work through the books, you'll get ideas for all sorts of clever things that you can do.

Another good source of ideas are Dave Thomas's Code Kata. Not just good for newbies, these coding exercises are good practise for anyone. I see Andy and Ian have been using them. I may have a go myself!

Posted to Software development by Simon Brunning at November 07, 2003 01:54 PM
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