November 04, 2003
Fixing Windows shortcuts

I've just about installed everything I need now, but there are still a few things that I only use occasionally, and which I'm installing as I come to need them. There is, though, one big problem all of a sudden.

For some poorly understood reason, whenever anyone installs any Windows software at my place of work, all the program groups and shortcuts get put into the 'all users' profile, rather than into one's own profile. Most of us remember to move these to our own profiles, lest other users pick these up when they next log in. Most of us. Most of the time. ;-)

At least, this is what used to happen. Now, our network fascists team have removed everyone's write authority to the 'all users' profile. Which means that you now get no program groups and shortcuts when you install stuff. Usually this doesn't matter, 'cos you can create your own. Some software, though, needs shortcuts which aren't so easy to create manually. One product that I use creates 30+ shortcuts, each with different arguments.

To create these, I just zipped up the appropriate program group from someone else's PC. But of course, all these shortcuts have the wrong paths in them. Sigh.

Python to the rescue! Mark Hammond's Python Extensions package contains working example code in With this, you can knock up a quick-and dirty like in a couple of minutes, and away you go.

Posted to Python by Simon Brunning at November 04, 2003 02:29 PM
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