September 24, 2003
You'll be hearing from my brief in the morning

There are libel laws in this country, you know, Steve. Drink at lunchtime? Me?

On the other hand, I have to admit that Steve has a good defence, in that his accusation is totally accurate.

In fact, though, I don't drink at lunchtime at all any more. Basically, I'm not to be trusted, so now I just don't go to the pub in the first place. Sigh.

Even if I were to go for "a quick half" (meaning a pint or two), where's the fun in that? Steve and I used to go for "a couple" (meaning four pints plus).

Posted to Apropos of nothing by Simon Brunning at September 24, 2003 05:12 PM

Six pints at lunchtime? Heroic behaviour. But strictly limited to those who can take their drink.

Which definitely doesn't include either of us these days :-(

Posted by: Andy Todd on September 25, 2003 09:18 AM

Watch out!

Posted by: Mark Boyce on September 25, 2003 09:18 AM

Sadly true, Andy. But in my youth...

Posted by: Simon Brunning on September 25, 2003 09:19 AM

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