August 11, 2003
I'm back...

I'm back at work after my week off, buried under a ton of email.

The highlight of the week so far as the girls were concerned was our visit to Whitehouse Farm. Feeding the sheep, goats and donkeys, having their bags of feed snatched by the goats, a picnic, holding baby rabbits and mice, ice cream and a huge slide, the girls loved it all. Highly recommended if you have kids and are in the area.

(BTW, is is only me who finds goats really scary? It's the eyes...)

The weather was easily good enough to take couple of trips to the beach. So we did. No sunburn, for a change, either. Wonderful stuff, factor 60.

And thank Christ I wasn't down south last week. I doubt I could have taken the heat. Sunday was bad enough.

Posted to On the road by Simon Brunning at August 11, 2003 02:50 PM
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