June 12, 2003
Python Descriptors

Fore those of you who find metaclasses just too simple, check out the How-To Guide for Descriptors

I'll find the time to digest this later. Right now, I'm just saving the link.

Via the suddenly hyperactive Python Daily URL.

Posted to Python by Simon Brunning at June 12, 2003 03:56 PM

Daily Python has been pretty good recently hasn't it? It's a shame they don't have permalinks (and have no plans to support them; I emailed and asked) as it means I generally miss out on attributing them when I link to stuff they've pointed to.

Posted by: Simon Willison on June 12, 2003 10:40 PM

No permalinks, *and* no RSS. Shame.

Posted by: Simon on June 13, 2003 08:02 AM

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