April 07, 2003

Whoever invented the term “sleep like a baby” was not a parent. I feel your pain, Paul.

It's a wonderful thing when they start sleeping through. Mine still wake me horribly early in the morning, though. They are happy to leave thier mother to sleep, but if they are with me they have to wake me - they just can't resist. Saturday morning telly - I watch it all. Is that Fearne Cotton to young to fancy? But I digress...

My sister reckons that it's 'cos I'm too nice. She just tells them to piss off. If done with sufficient conviction, this works, I gather. I get all of my iracable rudeness out of my systems at work though - I just don't have any left for the kids.

Posted to Parenting by Simon Brunning at April 07, 2003 02:11 PM
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