April 04, 2003
Python UK 2003 - I'm back!

This will be a brief one - I've only got a 1/2 day today, and I've got a ton of work to catch up on. I've got notes enough for a couple of week's worth of postings out of this, so expect details later.

The conference was superb. I'm still buzzing. I had a fabulous time. I had a chance to talk to some really cool people - Guido, Alex Martelli, Mark Shuttleworth (yes, that Mark Shuttleworth), Anthony Eden, Andy Todd, Andy Robinson, Marc-Andre Lemburg, Duncan Grisby, Paul Brian, Duncan Booth, Tim Couper and his bright-young-thing daughter, Fiona. (Pretty as well as bright, but married. :-( )

I'm still not sure whether it was cooler to meet Guido or an astronaut, to be honest. Some of these people were seriously bright. Nevertheless, I feel I was able to contribute to some of the discussions without making too much of an arse of myself.

It was nice to meet up with some people in the same boat as me, too - I'm the office eccentric, in a way. Every time a problem comes up, and I pipe up "You could do that in...", the groan goes round the office "Yes, you could do it in Python, we know..." For whatever reason, the fact that I am right doesn't seem to stop people thinking that I'm a little odd. Well, for the last couple of days I've been with the other office eccentrics who are usually right, too.

Much more later...

Posted to Python by Simon Brunning at April 04, 2003 10:48 AM

Just peeking to see what Simon thought!
But the conference was a lot of fun, and its always nice to see much cleverer people - reminds you of where you have yet to go and how much further is needed. Getting there is the hard part, but at least I know where :-)


Posted by: paul brian on April 4, 2003 01:25 PM

*Nods head in agreement*

You can get a t-shirt with John Cleese's Ministry of Silly Walks on it now. Just fort might like to know.

Posted by: Eloon on April 4, 2003 02:37 PM
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