March 24, 2003
Bit of a quiet weekend...

Got up late, at nineish.

Tried to take the cat to the vet, but no cat box found. I'm off on Tuesday, so I'll try and get on by then. If I can't, I suppose I'll have to buy one.

Went to see The Ring. This turned out not to be about Bracknell - it wasn't that scary. Not that scary at all, in fact. Unnerving ar times, but you have to expect that from a horror flick. Interesting direction, though, I thought - lots of interesting angles. The Colour balance was very cold, too.

Book shopping - found Python in a Nutshell at last. Also The Tin Drum by Gunther Glass, and a book of Ursula K. Le Guin short stories.

Then a couple of beers, and home.

On Sunday, I went to Reading to see the girls. Ella wanted to spend her pocket money on a 'Spare Brain" - a hideous squishy rubber thing, in a transparent rubber sleeve, along with red liquid. The off to Reading Museum. I've not been here before, though the girls and I love museums. Smallish, but pretty good - A copy of the Bayeux tapestry, Roman remains, Victoriana, a bit of natural history, pretty varied really. Explaining to Freja how animals are stuffed was fun...

Then a bit of homework with Freja, and off home.

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