March 19, 2003
Java Extreme Programming Cookbook

O'Reilly's Java Extreme Programming Cookbook is out. Wort a look, I reckon.

The jUnit chapter is online, and had already given me some things to think about in terms of test naming standards and multi-threaded code testing.

One of the other chapters discusses GUI testing, so that'll be worth looking at too. One of my team has had a look at jfcUnit, but hasn't feed back to the team yet. My current project is very GUI heavy, being partly a pretty front end to a dog ugly (5250) green-screen application. Our current inability to auto-test our GUIs is causing us to spend a lot of time checking stuff manually, and inevitably, problems slip through anyway.

Posted to Java by Simon Brunning at March 19, 2003 11:01 AM
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