February 28, 2003
Mad in Madrid

I'm being packed off to Madrid next work, to help a client patch something into their software. Which I've never seen, so this might be a piece of cake, or it might be a nightmare.

Naturally, they want estimates. :-) I'm not giving them any. Not yet, anyway.

I wonder if I'll have any time to see anything of Madrid? I've never been before. Any suggestions? I'm flying out on Sunday night, and coming back on Friday at the latest. Hotel looks nice, anyway.

Note to my imaginary readers: I have no idea what 'net access I'll have, if any, so don't be surprised if it goes a bit quiet next week.

Update: Aside from the suggestions you see below, my mate Jay recommended the Prado. I'm a big fan of Goya, and The Naked Maja and Saturn Devouring His Son are among my favourites, so this is a must. If I'm out of the office in time, that is. (Jay introduced to to Python, so I'm eternally in his debt.)

Steve suggested that I shouldn't go out drinking before ten, or I'll find myself alone. Sigh. I'm usually in bed by ten!

Posted to Java by Simon Brunning at February 28, 2003 01:54 PM
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