January 21, 2003
V5R1 - Journaling, data queues and data areas

As as V5R1, you can journal changes to data areas and data queues. See Add a Safety Net with Journalized Data Queues for an overview.

Now this is useful. I've always shied away from data areas and data queues, partly because you can't journal them. The other reason is that I'm a relational database bigot, and data areas and data queues just don't feel right.

So, data areas and data queues will still probably be plan B, 'cos of the second reason that I mention, but I won't feel quite so dead set against then in future. After all, both object types can be pretty useful at times.

'Journalize' seems to be an Americanism - on the UK, I've only ever heard it referred to as 'journaling'. A bit odd, this - most IT related Americanisms (disk, program, and so forth) make it across the pond unchanged, which is fair enough, really, since most refer to things invented in the US. But 'journalize' didn't, possibly because it really jars on the British ear.

Posted to iSeries by Simon Brunning at January 21, 2003 05:56 PM
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