December 12, 2002
Choose your ghetto

Software development is just too complex these days for anyone to really know what they are doing in more than one 'programming world', according to Joel.

I think that he's probably right. I'm painfully climbing the foothills of the Java/J2EE world at the moment.

The iSeries world, my bread and butter for many a year, is probably static enough these days that I don't need to get left behind. This is good - it took a long time before I knew how to make the '400 fly in the first place.

A number of people at work are getting into the .NET world at the moment, in their own time. This seems a little odd to me - there is no realistic prospect of anyone making use of this stuff in my company in the near future. Still, I can see the attraction - .NET might not kill J2EE, but MS won't let .NET die under any circumstances.

Not that I'm tempted, you understand - MS are the Great Satan, so far as I am concerned. No, I'll stick with Java/J2EE.

Some tools are just so good that they help you whatever world you are in.

Posted to Software development by Simon Brunning at December 12, 2002 01:04 PM
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