August 20, 2002
Python South-East UK booze ups

Hopefully, last week's meeting will become a regular occurrence.

With that in mind, I modestly present, a function for generating the dates of our meetings. (The next is on the 12th of September.)

Needs a bit of testing, and I'll also wrap it up in a CGI, along with a venue generator. For this, I need 12 suggested venues, with a URL for each. A couple more near Paddington, perhaps one in Reading and another in Oxford, one in South London near the ReportLab boys, that sort of thing.

The last meeting was a blast. Chris Miles and I ended up going to Cubana and drinking cocktails. I was a bit woolly on Friday, I must say.

So, I only need 10 venues really - Cubana is a must, and I know South London pubs rather too well.

Posted to Python by Simon Brunning at August 20, 2002 02:02 PM
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