July 26, 2002
Too late to move to ILE RPG?

Too Late to Switch to ILE?, at the iSeries Network, contends that if you are still using RPGIII, you will probably never move to RPGIV and ILE.

If you were to have started with RPGIV at V3R2, when it was first released, then the leap from RPGIII wasn't too big. But since then the gulf has widened considerably. Today's RPGIV wouldn't look anything like RPG to an RPGIII programmer.

This is true, I suppose, but I think that the bigger issue is attitude. Most iSeries developers are, uh, not exactly neophiles. RPGIII has always been good enough for them in the past, so it's good enough for them now.

Outside the iSeries world, the machine is seen as old fashioned. Which is a shame, 'cos it's a superb box for business, and it isn't old fashioned at all. But the uses to which it is usually put are, and that is where the reputation comes from, I think.

Ah well. Anyway, another interesting RPG article today - Generate random numbers using RPG.

Posted to iSeries by Simon Brunning at July 26, 2002 09:33 AM
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