July 17, 2002
Strategic Commander

Strategic Commander 1.1 for Palm is in beta.

It's a fab game. It's one of two games which I play a lot (along with Space Trader).

The new stuff in version 1.1 consists of:

  • Colour support. I don't have a colour Palm, so this makes no difference to me.

  • Speed improvements. I must say, the difference here is radical - the computer turns are very much faster.

There are some other changes which I would very much like to see:

  • On the planet screen, 'next planet' and 'prev planet' buttons would be nice. Once you have a large number of planets under your control, the 'your planets' drop-down gets a bit clumsy to use.

  • On the battle report screen, I'd like to be able to skip to the end of a single battle to see the result, rather than just being able to skip to the next battle.

  • On the map screen, when moving ships from one planet to another, I'd like to be able to specify the number of ships to move using graffiti, rather than just the '+' and '-' buttons. If you want to send 100 out of 200 ships, it takes a while!

  • A screen listing all your planets, showing name, class, number of factories, research facilities, free slots, and orbiting ships would be very useful, especially if you could sort by any column, and go straight to any planet from there.

That's it in terms of UI enhancements. As for gameplay enhancements, well...:

  • There could be multiple tech levels, for speed, range, and combat. The player could split their research between these as they see fit. Perhaps there could be a 4th tech level for factory effectiveness, also?
  • As well as factories and research facilities, the player could be able to build ground defenses also. More powerful than ships (worth 10 ships each, perhaps?), but expensive, and would take up slots.

Not too much to ask for version 1.2, is it? ;-)

Oh, one other thing. I don't have a hi-res palm, so I wouldn't benefit, but Strategic Commander is crying out for a hi-res mode.

Posted to PDAs by Simon Brunning at July 17, 2002 05:27 PM

Thanks for the links. Some more things to do whilst wait for my trains :)

Posted by: Paul on July 18, 2002 01:33 PM
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