July 03, 2002
UK web logs

The UK blogging seems to be thriving. You can find a pretty good list at GBLogs. They also keep a list of recently updated UK blogs.

A list of the 40 most popular (as in most linked to) blogs is on troubled diva, and blogjam has BLOGPOP, listing the most popular by traffic.

I make neither list, which is probably due to the fact that no one visits my site 'cos it's so tedeous.

Another good place for finding UK blogs is the London Bloggers Tube Map, which I have mentioned before.

I have found some interesting blogs through these sites:

Non UK specific weblog resources: Blogdex, Daypop and Weblogs.com.

Update 17th July: Hmmm. Perhaps The Edge of England's Sword is a little to the right after all.

Posted to Blogs by Simon Brunning at July 03, 2002 01:29 PM
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